Festival Overview

San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL is a multicultural forum and art competition showcasing the newest trends in independent film, interactive technologies and music.

Objective: To provide a forum for international films and shorts shut out by the growing commercial-studio domination of mainstream festivals. To energize the San Francisco film community into being a host for international and local filmmakers to discuss and share their artwork. To build coalitions of artists with the goal of creating an independent studio for film production located in the Bay Area. Films without distribution deals and created with high artistic creativity will be focused upon.

San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL’s Corporate Form

Making moviesThe San Francisco Independent International Film will be incorporated as a for-profit corporation, doing business as (DBA) San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL. The festivals legal name to be filed under is still to be determined.
The Directors of San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL are to be Gabriel Bellman and Isaac Schild who will act as joint CEO’s, CFO’s, and each hold a chair on the Board of Directors.

2007 Festival Goals
The goal is to present San Francisco Independent International first film festival in the Summer of 2007. Submissions to be tallied by the end of 2006. Entertainers, critics, and theorists would be booked by April of 2007. Venues would be rented for exhibitions by March 2007.
Film Competitions

Yearly San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL film will organize annual competitions for independent film projects. Yearly, competitions will include:

• Award for best independent short film.
• Award for best independent full length documentary.
• Award for best independent animated short.
• Award for best independent short screenplay.
• Award for best independent short cinematography.
• Award for best independent short editing.
• Award for best independent short score.

San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL 2007 Feature Competition
Yearly, we will select one region of the world to showcase. In 2007, we have selected Africa. Each year, a different region will be showcased in a forum featuring screenings of classic films in the genre along with prominent actors, directors, and film commentators.

film crewThe 2007 festival will include best films in four categories: African Films- From Africa (director/location), In America (director/location), Documentary (director/location), and South America/Caribbean/West Indies.

San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVALs 2007 Special Events

Alongside the main festival awards and screenings San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL will host additional special events showcasing trends in independent film, interactive technologies, film, and music.

The 2007 Special Events are to include:

1) Modern Jazz Dance Performance:
Recruit Savion Glover to perform on stage reinterpretation of Historical Tap Dance African-American roots against the backdrop of the Jazz Singer screened in 35mm with a live jazz band alternating solos w/ Savion’s Dance.

2) Local High-School Bay Area Competition
Screening of films made during the Fall 2006 semester of San Francisco, Oakland, and Contra Costa public high-schools. Films would be made during the semester, and then submitted in various categories. Top films from each high-school, and best overall films would be screened in the festival. Scholarships available for the winners including equipment prizes donated by corporate donors.

3) Most Different/Daring Storytelling
Filmmakers submit based on personal life differences in subject matter of film. (i.e. Palestian telling a jewish love story). The directors would have to explain how the film’s subjects were different than their own lives. The purpose would be to highlight the transcendant nature of film to capture human stories.

4) Best Music Video
Judge the short form of visual art. Bands must not be signed by a major label at the time of submission. Winning bands receive equipment/exposure. Bay Area Music Corporate sponsors.

5) “Live Film,” Start A New Trend; Spoken Word against a Silent Movie (“do you have what it takes to go LIVE with your film?) *Look to sell as a reality TV series
Competition would be of 15 minute or less silent short films, in which the performers would perform live spoken word either as slam poetry or narration/storytelling. Judging would be done by a panel of live judges and include audience voting. The event would be taped and telecast on local cable and public television. Also we could record and sell videos of the competition/sell rights to series to t.v. station. Include preliminary rounds and finals. Slam-Film-off. Performances can be poetry, performance, narration, acting (all in front of film they make).

6) Film Memoir
Own life depictions on film. Genre is reserved to filmmaker who is the subject of his own film, narrative or documentary.

7) Best Propaganda Piece:
Highlighting the seductive nature of short television pieces, this competition for best political ad, best use of visual medium to convince people of an idea or raise awareness of a topic. Only pieces that did not run on television, or did run and were altered in significant form (i.e. with a DJ scratching over a Mondale ad) are eligible.

8) Art Discussion Panels/Forums
Panel to include politicians, P.R. firms, nonprofits

9) Graffiti 'Live Film'
Prominent graffiti artist to perform with a filmmaker in a duet. While the filmmaker's film played, giant sheets of paper (or cloth), would be draped, sprayed, and moved depending on the edits made by graffiti artist and filmmaker. (Target hall: Yerba Buena)

10) Interactive Narrative (Gamers)
Best freestyle in a platform gaming environment. Submissions of no more than five minutes of the most creative, original work done on existing games, or in collaboration with a filmmaker involving a video game.
Target- to have a two hour 'Film' of the best submissions exhibited at a theater, 20 bucks plus the best minute of you playing vids on tape to be gamer-of-the-year. Panelists to include dude-who-bought-mountain-in-video-game-and-sold-it-as-virtual-property, panelists discussing virtual economies and virtual gaming.

11) Best Fantasy League
Competitors will create their own fantasy leagues, to be paired with the website. Ideas include: Fantasy President, Fantasy Jury Verdicts (court-t.v. leagues), Fantasy Bartender's (tip total per night is the score), etc.

12) Web Design
Competition to the best creative noncommercial web design. Huge design, partner w/ cutting edge artists to provide visuals. Use existing dependable business framework underneath to allow for large amounts of economic transactions/submissions.

13) Best Hack
Invite Hackers to submit their most creative, best hacks. We build a site and give an award to what hacker can most creatively hack into it and change the site. Name TBA; ideas include: hack this, game hack, double-click.

14) Best Web Show
Best PodCast Competitions (Apple sponsor...?).

15) Best Game
Recognize the best game made up by somebody. Real games- like capture the flag in Brazil or the Pyramids.

16) Most Interesting Prediction
Filmmakers own future predictions of the future role technology will play in the 21st century depicted in short film. Film, animated, or interactive submissions all welcome.

17) Best DJ Score
Best short international film scored by DJ scratching, and mixing. Winning DJ will perform live at San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL screening.

Making moviesPost Festival Events

1) Forum On The Impact of Digital Media.
Bring internationally acclaimed social scientists, computer scientists, film technicians and artists, interactive gaming experts, to debate and discuss the cultural and philosophical significance of the development of digital media.
Possible Forum guests include: Kirstie’s computer brain experiments, Brad’s system science stuff/ever quest economies, and Ugo Mattei’s world economic theory, Dezengotita mediated.
2) Post Event Media Coverage
Transmit press releases, images, and clips of the festival to local news stations and radio broadcasts in SF, NYC, LA, and other urban populated areas to further the public awareness of the yearly festival.
Projected Revenues
Revenue Sources For San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL to Include:
• Investors
• Submission fees
• Grants
• Private stock offering
• Membership Fees
• Ticket Prices


Projected Labor Needs

San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL will not hold office space for the 2007 festival. A post office box will be rented for all needed correspondence. Further, interns, and volunteer work will be utilized to the fullest extent possible in order to maximize funding and keep working overhead to a minimum.
1) Full-Time Employees
The first year the festival will employ 2 persons full-time until May 2007, Gabriel Bellman, lawyer and filmmaker, and Isaac Schild, business development consultant. Both of these individuals will work from their homes, and run and oversee the day to day operations and planning of the festival and all events.
2) Part-Time/Project Employees:
Other part-time employees will be hired and added as needed. Projected part-time employees to consist of:

• One full time Fundraiser from May 2006-May 2007.
• Interns in various areas.
• One Travel Advisor/Welcoming Party Supervisor.
• One Special Events Planner for opening night gala, various events and parties for specific events, talks, interview sessions, and closing night festivities.
• One Public Relations Consultant.
• One Accountant/Financial Adviser.
• One Web Designer/host. (Ancil Nance photographer and Web developer).
• On-site event employees including ushers, security, film theater operators.

Contact Information

For further information about San Francisco FROZEN FILM FESTIVAL contact:
Gabriel Bellman
(415) 676-9894
Isaac Schild
(415) 846-1375.