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The 2012 San Francisco Frozen Film Festival JULY 12-15, 2012

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Radio Interview with SF FFF co-director Gabriel Bellman about the 2012 Frozen Film Festival

The Lineup

Friday, July 13th, 2012
All Films are at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, CA.
The Roxie Theater is located at: 3117 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103

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Best Green Documentaries of 2012
(74 minutes)

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Disaster (a personal geography), Laura Green
Laura Green documents her family's increasing preoccupation with disaster, in the wake of the cataclysmic earthquake that struck Japan.

Carbon for Water, Elisabeth Wilhelm
Carbon for Water is directed by Carmen Elsa Lopez and Evan Abramson.
In Kenya's Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated. The wood many Kenyans use to boil this water to make it safe is increasingly valuable. Women and girls, who bear the responsibility for finding water and fuel, often miss school or work while seeking both fuel and water. Some even encounter sexual violence. Yet waterborne illness remains a daily--and life-threatening--reality for them and their families. Carbon For Water introduces audiences to the inspiring people who face these hardships, and explores one company's innovative solution for improving the health of millions of Kenyans and the environment in which they live. (Trailer: http://vimeo.com/30365384)

carbon for water

Into The Gyre, Scott Elliott
Into the Gyre is a 44-minute film documenting a groundbreaking expedition to study the location, extent and effect of plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Gyre. Thirty-four volunteer researchers, scientists and sailors participated in this five-week long journey to the Sargasso Sea, east of Bermuda. Sailing on a 135-foot tall ship, the film closely follows four of the researchers as they collect, count, and archive the plastic they encounter. Along the way, the film examines the history of plastics, the adverse effects it is causing in the ocean, and possible solutions to this problem.

Best Short Documentaries of 2012
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(58 minutes)
best short

The Long Walk Back, Jonas Klittmark
Hundreds of Americans die every year on the railroad tracks; some by accident, others by choice. This documentary explores these tragic events through the lens of the train crews, who unwillingly become spectators, perpetrators and ultimately victims themselves.

Occupy Wallstreet movement in Oakland, CA and the Bay Area.

Viral, Dustin Waldman
With YouTube event Playlist Live as the backdrop, ethnographer Dr. Michael Wesch, event organizer Kevin Khandjian and various members of the YouTube community discuss the changing nature of media, celebrity and human connection.

Necking, Lindsay Lindenbaum
A group of elders reflects on dating and marriage and shows that true love is still alive and kicking.

Sokak Sokak, Duygu Eruçman
As the filmmaker wanders around the streets of San Francisco, she navigates through the urban environment as well as her innermost thoughts.

King David: Part One, Jeff M. Giordano
This mysterious experimental-documentary offers a fascinating glimpse into the present and past lives of David McClain, an ex-gangster from New York City.

Who Bombed Judi Bari
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(93 minutes)
who bombed Judi

Who Bombed Judi Bari, Mary Liz Thomson
Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were falsely arrested for car-bombing themselves on May 24, 1990 while on an Earth First! musical organizing tour for Redwood Summer. They sued the FBI for violations of the First Amendment, claiming the FBI knew they were innocent but arrested them to silence them. Having survived the bomb but now stricken by cancer, Judi Bari, a leader of the movement to save California's old growth redwoods, gives her on-camera, deathbed testimony about the attempt on her life and her colorful organizing history with the radical environmental movement Earth First! (See the trailer: http://whobombedjudibari.com)

Best Animation of 2012
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(80 minutes)
the thing in the corner

The Thing In The Corner (La Cosa En La Esquina), Zoe Berriatua
Oh, my god! Theres a black, terrible, disgusting thing in the corner, but… really don't you see it? (See the trailer: http://vimeo.com/21156426)

Sk8rz, Robin Todd
Kinetic love on wheels.

Eso te pasa por barroco, Pablo Serrano
Spanish claymation.

Dogballs, Ernesto Filipe & Hugo Llanas
A crime fighting dog noir thriller.

The Art of Beat Making, Will Cyr & Renée de Sousa
ERUPT, the artist, creates a beat with fantasy user interface.

Hey Vato - The Tattoo, Juan Rodriguez
Two cholo puppets have a discussion about relationships and tattoos.

Ikon's Flight, Joseph Crockett
1917: The imperial train whisks the Tsar and his advisor across the Russian countryside, fleeing a murderous proletariat mob. In this mystical retell ing of the last moments of empire, time itself is toppled. Will the might of the monarchy prevail? Will the people's revolt succeed? Or will the advisor priest wield his arcane magic to another end? If you think you know how this story goes, you haven't seen Ikon's Flight, an animated allegory of power, salvation and eternity.

Live outside the Box, Shu-Hsuan Lin
The leading character Simon is a workaholic without any social contact. Gradually his world becomes smaller and smaller and even at the very end, there is nothing left in his world but only his work. This severe impact finally wakes him up and now Simon has to find the right way to bring his life back before everything is too late...

Gordon Lightfoot's The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Ellen Raines
A dry-erase animation about the song 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' sung by Gordon Lightfoot.

The Rudolf, Lance Armstrong
Rudolf discovers that getting the workers in his world to join him in his revolution is not easy.

Oliver's Treasure, Chuck Grieb
On the run, Sir Oliver stumbles into the king's receiving room to find the old monarch's crown was left forgotten on the throne. Intrigued, the easily distracted Sir Oliver gives the crown a try to see how it sits on his head. Trouble returns when a searching knight tracks down Oliver's hiding place.

SNAP, Thomas G. Murphy & Brent Wilkey
Inspiring stereoscopic-3D adventure. Bullies don't win. Friends come in all shapes & sizes.


Macy's Journey, Eva Nordholt
A 6 minute Flash animation about a girl/cat who sets a out to deliver a letter and encounters some obstacles along the way. Will she finally deliver the letter?

Undone, Steven Hight
Undone' is Part 3 of the story of Harold and Lucie. Pining for Lucie, Harold is unaware of the character opinion-reversal that she might have undergone.

The Natural Order of Things, Sarah Beeby
Hiding in this desert there are strange and dangerous animals. Philip must take the opportunity when it comes.


Saturday, July 14th, 2012
All Films are at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, CA.
The Roxie Theater is located at: 3117 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103

The Best Youth Films of 2012
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(85 minutes)
yout film

The Best Youth Films of 2012, Plus College Essay Number One By. Zachary Clarence
An oddly cute girl's rebellion from her high school's status quo, to her discovery of a different world at the local skate park. A transition from your typical white suburban high school to the diverse and mind-opening land of the skaters


X-Band Transmission: A Paranormal Research Documentary
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(66 minutes)
x band

X-Band Transmission: A Paranormal Research Documentary, Mario Escobar
X-Band Transmission is the story of a group of strangers with different backgrounds in the paranormal who come together in a hotel room in San Francisco to send a signal to the future and to perhaps receive a message that may alter the present. Will these strangers reach into the future? Will they have a premonition that may affect the present? Can they tap into the realm between the spiritual and the physical through this paranormal vortex? Watch and see as this fascinating journey that defies description, 'X-Band Transmission' is a film for anyone with an interest in the unknown, and a thirst for the theater of the absurd in the realm of the surreal where nothing is normal and everything is possible.

Best Experimental Films of 2012
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(61 minutes)
hella strong

Hella Strong, Cathleen Arnerich
Hella Strong explores Blow Pony, a monthly dance party and show space run by DJ and activist Airick Heater. The event brings together Portland's sometimes splintered queer scene, combating oppression and negativity from outside as well as within the LGBT community through music, mayhem, and dance.

My Apologies, directed by Andreas Goldfuss. A filmmaker apologizes for his art form of choice.

Blood Film, Kevin Walker
A short film made with Lara Salmon and Kevin Walker's blood.

Room, Fernando Franco
Ana is in the room.

CARSEX, Madeline Eberhard
An impressionable girl braves the CARSEX-ad-ridden town of escapism to face her memory of past love.

Mr. Nobody, Searching for Silence, Yacov Noy
Mr. Nobody is a story about a three legged man who searches for silence. He can't find it in the city, nor a farm or the mountains, so he sits down, shuts his eyes and goes deep inside. Once he quiets his mind, silence appears and so does peace.

Liberty, Ben Disinger
A harrowing look at American culture, circa 2011.

HyperLightness ad absurdum, Margarida Sardinha
An optical illusion afterimage deconstructs geometrical solids structures and reveals their inherent divine progressions. Dynamic symmetry interlaces self-reflective mirror images of the original icon and creates a hypnotic procedure leading to extreme consciousness and visual telepathy.The symbolism of Kabbalah's and Christian omnipotent God reveals itself as Buddhist or Taoist illusionary rotational mandalas or Yantras emphasizing Maya's attributes. The Infinitude in Brahma and in Ein Sof being the complete Void and nonetheless being the source of endless energy is reflected at a cosmological scientific level as singularity that contains the primordial energy whose explosion originated the four visible dimensions of the universe where space-time is an illusionary phenomena and paradox is latent in every polarized assumption only culminating in Absolute absurdity ad aeternum.

Short Doc Program 2: Females, Food, and Dating
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(61 minutes)

Back to Land, Tijana Petrovic
Back to Land is a meditation on the sight of a blue whale beached on a California shore. The film observes the onlookers and the nature of their looking.

Chase, Malia Bruker
In a world where corporations reach us more easily and often than our loved ones, what can one girl do? She can crusade against the travesty of junk mail, calling her elected officials and picketing corporate headquarters. Or she can let the corporate courtship sweep her off her feet, saving and cherishing each written word that reaches her mailbox. A humorous blend of performance and documentary, Chase is both a playful reaction to the absurdity of corporate marketing and a heartfelt yearning for simpler ways of communicating. Director Malia Bruker brings you into her world, where music, art and romance live big and reality hides in a corner.

Out of Body, J. Christian Jensen
A woman challenges the limitations of her mind and body... and conspires against death.

Vitamin Conspira-C, Christina Choate
In her quest to find the truth about vitamin C, filmmaker Christina Choate introduces the man responsible for popularizing vitamin C supplements, retraces the history of scurvy, explains the vitamin's evolution, biochemistry and richest sources. With wit and humor, she takes a stand against the quick-fix health industry. (Trailer: http://www.christinachoate.com/films)

To Plant A City, Tyler Faires
Learn to truly appreciate local foods in this documentary by Tyler Faires. Follow Toby as he searches the North State community to see the vital and unique role that eating and purchasing local has on our economy, health and community. This film will leave you intrigued, encouraged, and wanting to learn more!

Sci-Fi, Westerns, Horror and War Shorts
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(75 minutes)

Grounded, Kevin Margo
One astronaut's journey through space and life ends on a hostile exosolar planet. Grounded is a metaphorical account of the experience, inviting unique interpretation and reflection by the viewer. Themes of aging, inheritance, paternal approval, cyclic trajectories, and behaviors passed on through generations are explored against an ethereal backdrop. (Trailer: http://vimeo.com/36756991)

Matar A Un Nino (Death of a child), Jose & Cesar Esteban Alenda
It is Sunday. A beautiful dawn on a doomed day. At ten o'clock, a happy child is going to die.

The Tracker, Renato Jose
A gripping tale about a man on a mission. He knows nothing other than the task at hand, which is tracking down his prey.

Ridin Hood, Eric Davis
After witnessing her parent's brutal murder, a broken young girl becomes a slave to her own obsessive hunt for revenge.

Winter, Alaric Rocha
Winter' is about a chain gang prisoner who desperately dreams for a break in the heavy meaningless work he and his gang endure. His wish and more is granted when his chain breaks.

My Favorite Planet, Gus Pewe
A surreal story of two estranged lovers, as one is left behind with only memories.

Hatch, Christoph Kuschnig
A newborn's destiny hangs in the balance, as grownups come to terms with what they cannot have.

La Ultima Secuencia, Arturo Ruiz Serrano
The late 1960s. In the almeria Desert, a Spanish-italian co-production is being filmed. The lack of resources and poor communication among the different members of the crew are on the verge of runing the end of the film. They might just be saved by one shot/scene...

SF Art Doc: Working class (Featuring Mike Giant)
4:40pm Buy Tickets
(73 minutes)
working class

Working Class, Jeffrey Durkin
Working Class is a feature documentary that builds upon 13 years of tattoos, art and friendship between San Francisco artist Mike Giant and San Diego artist Mike Maxwell. Loosely based on Charles Dickens book A Tale of Two Cities, the two Mikes discuss themes found in Dickens 1859 novel that are just as relevant today : Religion , War , Family, History and Art . Through these chapters the audience gets an intimate look at how the world shapes the art they produce . At its core, Working Class is a buddy story that that delves into the lives of the artists while examining how the creative process intersects with friendship. (Trailer: http://mikemaxwellart.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/new-working-class-trailer/)

Best Dramatic Short Films of 2012
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(91 minutes)
they say

Slides (Piezes de un puzle contemporaneo), David Ilundain, Eugenia Poseck, Luis Arribas, Paul Severn, Cesar Urrutia, Javier San Roman, Jesus Liedo and Paco Ortega
A teenager recites a poem to his girlfriend. A boy plays with his toys. Someone unexpected says a message full of lucidity. Upon arriving home a young man discovers his father asleep watching TV. A man sends a message to the world. A woman feeds someone. A married couple having sex. A teengaer dressing up before going out. These are SLIDES.

Perhaps Tomorrow
, Sandy Garfunkel
Annie has detached herself from her friends and her work, and seems desperate to find a connection with a world other than her own. She thinks there is only one path to resolution, but unexpectedly, her daily lunch routine becomes the key to making peace with the ghosts of her past.

Busted Walk, Steven Tanenbaum
Busted for pot in his school locker, a disabled teenage guitar hero (played by Ezra Miller) limps to his punishment - working for his father.

June Gloom, Attila Adam
JUNE GLOOM is a short, yet potent look at a man's journey home from prison as he faces the problems he left behind.

Static, Mel Miskell
Sia has returned home in an emotional twilight, paralyzed by a secret she can't confront. When a friend from the past arrives through their reconnection she is able to find solace and an equilibrium.

They Say, Alauda Ruiz De Azua
Not everything that goes on at school is a game. (Trailer: http://vimeo.com/19560998)

Fight Life (MMA Documentary)
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(82 minutes)

Fight Life, James Z. Feng
Fight Life is a new groundbreaking documentary that gives the audience an intimate look into the real life of the modern day professional fighter. From paying dues starting out at the smaller shows to the championship fight on prime time TV, Fight Life chronicles the daily lives of professional fighters from all different levels over the course of one year. Directed by award-winning indie filmmaker James Z. Feng, this documentary currently stars: Frank Shamrock, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, Lyle Beerbohm, Ryan Schultz,
Matt Lindland, Miesha Tate, Gilbert Melendez, 'Big' John McCarthy (MMA Hall of Fame Referee) and Sam Sheridan (author of 'A Fighter's Heart'). (Trailer: http://www.fightlife.tv/)

Best Surf and Skate Films of 2012
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(84 minutes)
the wave

Finessing the Wave, Mary Piller
A micro-short surf film featuring the elegant California surfer Julie Cox.
day at the pool
Day At The Pool, Ian Douglass & Eric Fulford
A Day at the Pool is a documentary-style film that attempts to uncover the true origins of modern skateboarding. Interviews with Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams and the rest of the Dogtown Crew reveal that an anonymous local kid may have been largely responsible for the skateboarding revolution that lead to their success in the late '70s. (Trailer: http://dayatthepoolthemovie.com/trailer/)

Lost & Found, Doug Walker
Lost & Found is an amazing story when 30,000 black and white duplicate negatives are un-earthed and a flea market in Los Angeles. It has been a 4 year journey of capturing amazing stories from Surfers and Photographers. I have spent 4 years with these images and have been told that I didn't find them. But that they had found me. (Trailer:https://vimeo.com/27306118)

Donkey Love
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(92 minutes)
donkey love

Donkey Love, Daryl Stoneage & Tyler Chandler
Funny, shocking and controversial, Donkey Love is a documentary that introduces the unknown tradition of Colombians having sex and falling in love with donkeys. It starts off as a rite of passage ritual that fathers initiate with their sons and is carried on into their adulthood where men often end-up cheating on their wives with donkeys. Colombians believe that boys should practice having sex with donkeys to prepare themselves for women, that it makes their penises bigger and also that it prevents them from becoming homosexuals. This cultural practice is so widely accepted in Colombia that musicians have written songs about it, an author has written a book about it and there is even a festival that celebrates it.

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