Best Filmstock Film
America’s Wonderland
By. Robert Lyons

Best Short Documentary + Best Environmental Film
Delta Dawn
Directed by Pete McBride

Best Student Director
Life Sentences
by Jesse Rosenberg

Best Surf/Skate Video
Directed by Chris Loukides

Best International Film
By. Ferriol Tugues

Best Music Documentary + Feature Documentary
NOFX: Backstage Passport 2
Directed by Jeff Alulis

Best Digital Film
A Boy’s Prayer

Best Animation
Castillo y El Armando
Directed by Pedro Harres

Best LBGTQ Themed
Elgin Park
By. Danny Yourd

Best Music Video
Drown the Alarm
Directed by Mitchell Klebanoff

Best Feature Documentary
NOFX: Backstage Passport 2
Directed by Jeff Alulis

Best First Time Director/Feature Film
Pretend We’re Kissing
Dir. by Matt Sadowski

Best Experimental Film
Dir. by Carmen Aguilar y Wedge

Best Comedic Film
Good Hands
Directed by Francisco Bendomir

Best Short Film
Dir. by Maverick Moore

(PDF of 2015 Program HERE)


delta dawn
Wizard Rappers, Disappearing Water, SF Graffiti, Prisons, and Mystery Geologists lead this cutting edge mix of true tales.

6pm, Friday (July 17th) @ Big Roxie, SF
Delta Dawn (environmental)
Dir by. Pete McBride
The Colorado River hasn't kissed the sea in almost two decades -- until the spring of 2014 when an experimental pulse of water was released into this forgotten delta. A team of river runners followed the water to witness this unprecedented restoration effort, and attempted to be the only, and potentially the last to float the Colorado River to the sea by paddle board. With unpredictable adventure as the backdrop, filmmaker Pete McBride tells the story of Western water, a challenged Colorado River and the uplifting potential for environmental restoration via collaboration, all through his repeated experiences chasing a river to the sea.

My Mom’s Motorcycle
6 min
Dir. by Douglas Gautraud
A look into how objects can connect us to people places and ideas.

Come Back: LiL iFFy's Final Spell
9 min
Dir. by Adam Lau
Wil Wright (a.k.a. LiL iFFy) is lowering the curtain on his accidental wizard rap career. But leaving is easy. The hard part is not coming back.

Life Sentences
19.5 min
Dir. by Jesse Rosenberg
Life Sentences is a short documentary about families affected by the incarceration of their loved ones.

Elgin Park
by Danny Yourd
Elgin Park dives into the life of Michael Paul Smith, a reclusive artist turned viral sensation, recognized for creating 1950s utopias out of pain, love, and miniature cars.

Dir. by Diane Hodson and Jasmine Luoma

Unmappable is a documentary short that weaves together the life and work of iconoclastic psychogeographer and convicted sex offender, Denis Wood. This meditative portrait will unveil the inner workings of a man whose work is lauded as poetic, artful and innovative - a man who unapologetically pushes boundaries both personally and professionally. The film explores the events that have defined his life by pointing at ideas, thoughts and beliefs that we usually do not think of as being mappable or explainable.

Dir. by Fran Guijarro
The Mural is a 20-minute documentary film following the stories of several artists with developmental disabilities from non-profit thearcsf.org as they work together with a group of civic artists from freespace.io to paint a wall that aims to erase barriers. The film explores the unlimited nature of Art and its capacity to express freedom, even for those individuals whose lives seem to be confined to the boundaries of their disabilities.


pretend we're kissing

A naked Zoe Kravitz stars as a roommate who won’t leave the house in this Annie-Hall style romantic comedy from Canada.

8pm, Friday (July 17th) @ Big Roxie, SF
Pretend We’re Kissing
81 min
Dir. by Matt Sadowski
Benny (Dov Tiefenbach) needs to get out his of head and start doing instead of thinking. It’s holding him back from growing up and finding love and he’s made all too aware of it by this obnoxious agoraphobic hippie roommate (Zoe Kravtiz). When, by chance, he meets and falls for Jordan (Tommie-Amber Pirie), a somewhat dorky girl hell-bent on fate and finding magical love, he finally realizes that he might be able to actually move forward in life if he can only get out of his own way.
Pretend Were Kissing is comedy-drama about an intense whirlwind weekend romance. The kind we can have at any age that looks like true love and then is basically over in a blink. It's squarely in Annie Hall/Before Sunrise territory. The feeling is like a lazy, hazy summer day. It's a story about how sometimes even a brief fling can change us and shake us to our core, perhaps even more than a longer romantic relationship can. Proudly set in Toronto, the script is full of wit, whimsy and pathos, sometimes embarrassingly funny one minute, achingly sad the next.


“A Taiwanese romance, a sinking cruise ship, a Jewish-Catholic comedy in this- one of two international short programs.”

9:30pm, Friday (July 17th) @ Big Roxie, SF
A Boy’s Prayer
29 min

A 17 year old loser meets a mysterious and beautiful cleaner girl by chance. They have totally different characters and backgrounds; However, they start to have a wonderful adventure in garbage dump. Ultimately, they change each other.

13 min
Dir. by Brandon Freer
Using only a cell phone, a young bride-to-be must find a way to save her fiancé from drowning in a cargo hold of a capsized cruise ship.


Pour l’amour de Sarah (For Sarah’s Love)
Dir by. Frederic Kofman
Jean-Christophe (10 years) of catholic religion, is in love with Sarah (12 years), Jew. By love, he will learn with the help of his friend David, how to practice the Jewish religion. Very fast, he notices the complexity of the religion.

BEST ANIMATION OF 2015 - PROGRAM #1 (70 min)

This first of two Animation programs, featuring local and international hysterical and moving short animated films from every type of method.

10:45pm, Friday July 17th, Big Roxie, SF
4.5 min
Dir. by Laura Douglas
The Common Bladderwort is a carnivorous plant that captures small organisms. The unsuspecting victim meets a dismal end: unable to escape.

Pensioners Chips Episode 2
3 min
Dir. by Joachim Weber
Willy and Jimmy are old 1995s microprocessors retired for 16 years and grow old slowly.
Cheese Dog: The Movie
Dir. by Jamie Dwyer, co-director, Justin Ulloa
A disgruntled employee dreams big of success in this colorful and inspirational fast food fantasy.

pensioners chips

3 min
Time ago, a winter morning, a little girl went out looking for firewood, she went away from home and came across a blood trail... she followed it.

Work Sucks
3 min
dir. by Kevin Fintland
A disgruntled employee, an ass chewing and a magic 8 ball. What could go wrong?

work sucks

Between Times
14 min
By. Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata
From the wall of a small town bakery, a cuckoo clock recounts a day where bread was sliced one second thick, lovers fell in sync and time rarely flowed at an even rate.

4 min
In a world populated by people who do not have mouth, an accident gore takes to discover that the mouth can be created by cutting off one's own. This leads an enthusiastic reaction chain.

Castillo y El Armando
13.5 min
Directed by Pedro Harres
Castillo is a young dockworker in some beach lost on the border between Brazil and Uruguay. He divides his time between the carpets he must carry, his family and a fishing rod at the pier. On a windy night, he faces his own brutality on the line of the fishhook.



Local rappers, owl documentaries, gangs, short films and animation all join in this collection of 12 short films made by filmmakers from and in the S.F. Bay Area.

2:00 pm, SAT., (Big Roxie) SF, CA
4 min
Directed by: Marielle Boland and Julia Retzlaff
Local music video.

2 min
Directed by Lily Yu
Local dramatic short film.

3 min
Directed by Marielle Boland.
An artistic look at exploitation, bullying and teenage sexuality through real life stories.

Heads or Tails
3 min
Dir. by Kate Isenberg
Are our lives determined by chance or fate? Through a combination of songwriter Alexis Harte's lyrics and Kate Isenberg's animation, "Heads or Tails" is a whimsical, cosmic tale of how love anchors us in the face of this conundrum.

4 min
dir. by Joann Moya
A young woman waits for a ride that never shows up. Walking home she's followed. Soon a confrontation develops with deadly results the intended victim never saw coming.

Brown Wood Owl
5 min
dir. by Thivanka Perera
Follows the story of two juvenile owls discovered inside a crevice of a tree. This short documentary chronicles their trials and tribulations as they segue into adulthood.

Music Video: Quelle Chris
By: French Press Films
5.5 min
Black lights + Quelle Chris + puppets = THIS

The Bumblebees
7 min
dir. by Sebastian Sdaigui
New initiate Betty Sue shares a daunting story that redefines 'new blood' to one of the deadliest gangs in New York, The Bumblebees.

the bumble beees

Self in Silence and Solitude
5 min
dir. by Susan Lien Whigham
A woman faces her addiction to taking selfies

6.5 min
Dir. by Jae Hyeong KO
I tried to express what is 'cool'. We live in high technology, so our life is very comfortable. However, I think we are missing something. What is thing you really want? What is core? Our life is gonna be better, but people is gonna be empty. I think old people like 100 years ago or 1000 years ago are better than us. While i taking film history class, I thought about am i better than old director like Hitchcock or Orson Welles? I am nothing better than them even though I am living almost 100 years later. But it is hard to apply in our life, because it is not cool. Here my character starts to dream in his bed, and we could see now what is cool now through his dream.

11.5 min
dir. by Leah Dubuc
Zora is a coming of age comedy about an early twenties girl, going through a break up and trying to fill her empty heart with as much food and beer as she possibly can. That is until she meets Oliver, who might be the key to ending her sadness.


1440 and Counting
13.5 min
dir. by Tony Gapastione
A burned-out, retiring teacher is confronted by a desperate man from her past. She's packing up her classroom and her life, but when she discovers one of her beloved students is in great danger, her life turns upside down within minutes.

trailer here: https://vimeo.com/130789041


Art takes to the big screen in this award winning mind-blowing collection of video art and experimental film from Spain, Poland, Italy, SF’s Union Square, and beyond.

3:20pm, SAT., (Big Roxie) SF, CA
4 min
Dir. by Carmen Aguilar y Wedge
An exploration on the aesthetic dimension of robotic movement. Using technology to augment the human experience encourages us to question the definition human and machine as well as generate a new experimental environmental experience for interaction with the machines we use.

September Sketch Book
7.5 min
Dir. by Ronnie Cramer
Experimental film created using old school animation; over 5,400 drawings made with pen and paper. The film is abstract in nature, with sequences based on flags from around the world.

9.5 min
dir. by Jay Lifton
A seemingly unremarkable man spends a day taking a bizarre test at a mysterious facility. Through his day he interacts with the odd, detached employees of the facility, guiding him from section to section, obscuring the intentions or duration of the test.

Surface Waves
3.5 min
Dir. by Reed O'Beirne
A wordless woman rises to confront herself through a dance of self-liberation. Featuring choreography and dance by Carolyn Pavlik, along with an original soundtrack by Robin Guthrie, the film evokes a mystical story-line of struggle and release.

370 New World
5 min
Dir. by Marcantonio Lunardi
"370 New World" (music video) is a story on the human loneliness and the death of dreams. This work is played on two kind of solitude in: the first one is imposed the other is researched. Both are generated by the new world that we have to face.

Reflections of Union Square
4 min
dir. by Samati Boonchitsitsak
A close-up look at reflections on the glass windows, mirrors and translucent objects around Union Square in San Francisco.


America’s Wonderland
8 min
By. Robert Lyons
"America's Wonderland" is designed as a filmic journey. Compositionally this is visual music that builds for the first 4 1/2 minutes and them releases explosively for the final 3 1/2. It is HD imagery of raw cameraless animation drawn, painted, and scratched on 35mm film, powered and shaped by the incredible "Ozium" by Monster Magnet: the combination of the two becomes a relentless quest to explore the edges of perception.

Emotional Dimensions
3 min
by Michelle Marquez
This experimental film provides an emotional roller coaster experience that was musically and visually designed based on a neuroscience research project that correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of sounds and images with the selective triggering of emotional states. Enlighten yourself by looking at the world from your personal point of view while dreaming inside your curiosity. Michelle Marquez, a fifteen-year-old scientist and artist, conceptualized, produced and directed this short experimental film in collaboration with Patrick Gregory and music of Lincoln Mitchell. She aims to challenge the traditional division and separation between Science and Art. Her three-year journey in research has revealed the deeply rooted biological connection that the human brain forms with complex images, sounds, and music. Her award winning neuroscience research correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of music and/or images with the selective triggering of emotional states. She used her scientific discoveries as a platform to share her dream of finding a place “Where Science Meets Art.” She used drones for aerial photography to capture images with a special camera converted to use Infrared (720 nm). Those images were blended with original music created especially for this film, which was ‘mathematically’ directed by the teenage producer. She is breaking the barrier between Art and Science to create a unique visual and audio experience of time perceptions and emotional dimensions. She invites viewers to ride this emotional roller coaster while dreaming about a place “Where Science Meets Art” at the James River.

Big Ups
2.5 min
Dir by. Stephen Tringali
A journalist attempts to uncover the story behind a slimy businessman's questionable activities.

Story of a Curse #1
8 min
dir. by Negin Sharifzadeh
This video is inspired by the experience of moving through the loss of the mother of the artist
and her despair after a stillbirth. To calm herself, she began to believe that she had
been cursed and had to take the baby to the cemetery instead of home.

The Long Night
1.5 min
dir. by Emma Penaz Eisner
In a sequence of surrealistic images, this stop motion animation threads through the intervals and spaces of 'The Long Night.'

the long night

Equilibrium (Равновесие)
3 min
Directed by: Y. S. and Kseniia S.
Constituents spin in perpetual motion, diffusing into random orbits, scattering their energy endlessly - yet an alignment of moving parts arises, to create one steady flow, and to connect the distant parts of self into one straight vector - magnifying time, reaching conscious equilibrium…

2.5 min
Dir. by Robin Rigault
A young couple are driven to face what the moving images are doing to them.


3 min
Dir. by Slawomir Milewski
No synopsis available.

The Boudoir
2 min
Dir. by David Latreille
The Boudoir. A musical short film to the sounds of Apex Martin.

the boudoir

The Red Ball
6 min
Dir. by Ozlem Ayse Ozgur
"The Red Ball is a story of my great grand mother's departure from Georgia Batumi when she was five years old. Her mom and my great grand mother left Batumi because the Ottoman- Russian war was about to start. She left Batumi to start a new life in Turkey/Trabzon. I left Turkey to start new life in US/ San Francisco. So it is also my story."

7 min
Dir. by Eili Bråstad Johannessen & Inger Birkelund eilib@mac.com
Octave is an experimental short film inspired by a northern Norwegian myth about a girl who is torn between the real world and her darker imaginary world. The power of nature can be compared to, and used as a metaphor for, the uncontrollable powers of human psyche. The film is shot in black and white on location in Arctic Norway.


froggy ass

Argentina and France lead off this collection of hilarious short from all over the globe. Includes bad nannies, global warming, and TED Talks center this program.

4:50pm, SAT., July 18th (Big Roxie) SF
Good Hands
5.5 min
Dir. by Francisco Bendomir
A young couple makes the unfortunate mistake of leaving their baby in the hands of a teenager.

Froggy Ass
7.5 min
Dir. by Eliott de Gastines
Once upon a time, in San Fernando Valley, lived a shy and under-weight boy that everyone called "Froggy Ass"... He was not yet 21. But tonight, to go to this much-touted party, he would have to be brave and buy some beers.

“Froggy Ass is in the line of Edge of Tomorrow, with less aliens and more beers!”- Tom Cruise

froggy ass


400 Meters
7 min
dir. by Jeb Banegas
A highly-regimented runner loses control of her life as the stresses of her crumbling relationship mount. A serendipitous encounter with a stranger takes her offtrack.

Drown the Alarm
2 min
Dir. by Mitchell Klebanoff
A comedic look at climate change deniers through a music video parody of Nicki Minaj's "Pound the Alarm." "Drown the Alarm" stars Lucas Grabeel of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and SWITCHED AT BIRTH.

Superhero Hotline
7 min
Dir. by Miles Levin
If you were strapped to a bomb, and had three minutes to live, would you call 911? Or would you call the “Superhero Hotline”? A damsel in distress makes the wrong decision.


7 min
Dir. by Chad Thompson
Victor is a short film about imagination, solitude and the sometimes blindfolded quest for happiness. This whimsical journey follows Victor, a peculiar man who has some interesting ideas about how to make friends. With an optimistic plan and a few technological tricks, Victor shows that sometimes all you need is a little help to notice what’s been right in front of you all along.

CI: A Tedd Talkumentary
22 min
By. Martin Sweeney
A rockumentary-style film which centers on Femto innovator Michael Fertik's latest idiotic game-changing idea "counter-intuition" and its public unveiling at the 2015 TEDD Conference.



S.F. Surfboard shapers, French skateboarders, and a kayak trip through Fiji.


6:00pm Sat. (July 18th)
3.5 min
This film vignettes four devout, talented skateboarders from four different cities, and the reasons they believe tie them to skateboarding.


Pieces of Boredom
8 min
By Damien Stein
Trapped in their everyday life, two young boys try to find excitement in parties, love, alcohol. But boredom is the same everywhere.

Urban Toilet
1.5 min
By Toby Morris
For too long society has been telling us what to wear, where to work, how to dress and even where to go to the toilet. If I need to go I am going to go. Sure, I may be in the middle of a shop or in a fancy restaurant or on a bus. Why should I be uncomfortable? Why should I walk around with the pains of constipation smeared across my face? The world is your toilet.

Happy Town: The Surf Suit
by Frederick Kroetsch
5 min
Cousin Jay is sick of carrying his surfboard on buses. So he builds the world’s first wearable surf board. Hilarity ensues.

River of Eden
5 min
by Pete McBride
The Upper Navua Conservation area in Fiji. Also known as The River of Eden or Tropical Grand Canyon. It is one of the only protected rivers in the South Pacific and its conservation was driven by a small rafting company and nine local families.

Shaping San Francisco
30 min
dir. by Colin Murray
Shaping SF is a personal documentary about a lifelong surfer's desire to learn more about surfboard shaping industry and design. Focused on shaping in San Francisco, the city, the boards and the people who create them.



The second of the award winning international shorts includes Godard in Texas, Singapore fever dreams, and reverse time romance.

7:00pm Sat. (July 18th)
12 min
Dir. by Maverick Moore
Three girls burn rubber and leave no survivors on an inexplicably wild ride.

Sam’s Box
14 min
by Felipe Gon
Due to tragic events, two really lonely guys hatch a series of plans to take their own lives. But do they really stick to their plan and commit suicide?

sam's box

by Jaschar L Marktanner 
Two young women (Mary Krasnoperova and Kira Mathis) sit in a café and sip coffee out of way too small cups while smoking an unhealthy amount of cigarettes and talking about everything under the sun and beyond, like aliens. Warning: may contain strong language. May.


15 min
Directed by Hoyon Jung and Produced by Joshua Fulton. 
Presented in a non-linear order, Reformation follows the story of Bryan, Rachel, and Marcus. Bryan is handsome, successful, and has a loving daughter, Katy, with his beautiful wife Rachel. Marcus is an arts dealer and a family man who has accomplished a great deal of success in recent years. The three collide in one tragic event, shattering their lives and consciences, pushing them into a world of rage and self destruction. As the three sink further into the path of their memories, they seek an impossible redemption far too gone to revive.

Here With Me
11 min
by Pete Riski
A troubled man arrives in a remote forest with the sole intention of ending his life, but when a stranger intervenes, he's forced to confront the tragic events that drove him here in the first place.

I Know You
8 min
by Colin Gerrard
Could you push the envelope of cult personality and distortion of media, or rather enfold it?
This is a game of confidence. What if you couldn't tell the difference between what was real and what was not? What if you could get away with something and everyone seemingly believed you? Sometimes it doesn't matter who you are, it's who they think you are.

I know you

13 min
by Hugo Teugels
A sleeping woman in the subway has the same dream 3 times over in 3 different cities (HOng-KOng/ BANGkok/ SINGapore). When she finally leaves her hotel and takes a taxi, it looks like her recurring dreams were some kind of prediction. How many warnings do people need? Is it possible to change our path or is it determined already?

hoko bang sing

Mort Au Reve (Death to the dream)
Dir by. Camille De Chenay
Two young women meet at an interview for a job as an assistant to a police inspector who is in the midst of a midlife crisis. He asks them to wait outside for his decision. How can they wait?

Stay Awhile
13 min
by Denny Wong
Two relative strangers decide to spend 31 days together.


punk music

Punk legends NOFX travel all over South America as they try to make up for canceled tours by facing their fans face to face in this music documentary.

9:00pm Sat. (July 18th)
NOFX:Backstage Passport
101 min
dir. by Jeff Alulis
Punk legends NOFX travel all over South America as they attempt to make up several canceled shows from a previous world tour. Their success at keeping their word to their fans depends on their success at navigating drunken arguments, shady promoters, riot police, and a tsunami.


BEST ANIMATION OF 2015 - PROGRAM #2 (56 min)

best animation

The final film of the festival is the second collection of mind bending animation from international and local Bay Area artists.

By. Ferriol Tugues
6 min

10 min

Dirty Birdy Redux
8 min
By. John R. Dilworth
The Dirdy Birdy Redux is a story about a dysfunctional relationship between a cat and a bird.

4 min
by Meghdad Asadi Lari
When Persian calligraphic art, music and ornament designs get together and bring an old mythical Persian story to life.


ToonLife Dating
7 min
by Chris Fassbender and Norm Fassbender
Internet dating becomes taboo again when a flesh and blood man looks to hook-up with a cartoon bird.


By Xin Yin
3 min
This film talks a story about a sad artist.

Phantom on the Cliff
8 min
dir. by Annlin Chao
A story about the obsession between a rock climber and the mountains. However, the obsession becomes hatred after an accident.

5.5 min
Directed by Mitra Shahidi
Prelude is a whimsical story of a clever little girl and her harsh grandfather. Creativity, rebellion and love helps the relationship between these two get stronger. This movie is the heart and soul of what creativity is. Jumping out of boxes, breaking rules, flow and love inspired the creation of this film. It was made because of one reason; the world needs to remember what it felt like to be a child.

Arroz y Fostoros
8.5 min
Directed by Javier Beltramino
Grief dwells within an old man in overwhelming solitude. His wife s death and the pragmatic indifference of his son and daughter behold the elderly figure clinging onto a long used suitcase, custodian of his egotist ambitions. But something startling will shake his bitter lethargy, bringing about a magical redemption.


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