The 2011 San Francisco Frozen Film Festival:


2011 Frozen Film Festival Winners

Music Video: Demolition Disco, by the band Big Mama, director Kronck (Maximillian Gerlach, Jessican Benzing)

International Film: It's Natural to Be Afraid, director Justin Doherty

Music Documentary: Last Fast Ride- The Life and Death of a Punk Goddess, director Lilly Scourtis Ayers

Environmental Film: Chasing Water, director Peter McBride

Filmstock Film: Fruit Flies, director Christine Lucy Latimer

Digital Film: I am..., director Ramesh Devu

Feature Documentary: The Bellman Equation, director Gabriel Leif Bellman

Short Documentary: Fixation, director Alex Trudeau Viriato

Animation: Red Rider's Lament, director Jeremy Bessoff

First Time Director: Ocean Monk, director Sanjay Rawal

Student Director: Sudden Death, director Adam Hall

Best Surf/Skate Film: Shaped, director Walter Georis


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