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2016 Festival Winners

Best Filmstock Film- Eye Lie

Best Short Documentary - Waiting For The (T)rain

Best Environmental Film-Circle of Poison

Best Student Director-Alzheimer's: A Love Story

Best Surf/Skate Video- This Moment

Best International Film- District Zero

Best Music Documentary- Jack Palmer

Best Digital Film-Cinecitta' On Wheels

Best Animation- Sophie's Story

Best LBGTQ Themed- Alzheimer's: A Love Story

Best Music Video- Jack Palmer

Best Feature Documentary- District Zero

First Time Director-This Moment

Best Experimental Film- With Hammer And Scalpel

Best Comedic Film- The Working Dead

Best Dramatic Short Film- Rainbow Party


The 2016 San Francisco Frozen Film Festival was held in San Francisco, July 21-24, 2016

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